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  • The main source for this is Amnesty International page 76. The relevant text:

    In an effort to improve cost-efficiency, Chinese provincial authorities are introducing mobile execution vans in which convicts are given a lethal injection, replacing the traditional execution method of firing squads. Eighteen mobile executions vans, converted 24-seater buses, were distributed to all intermediate courts and one high court in Yunnan province in 2003. In December of the same year, the Supreme People’s Court in Beijing urged all provinces to acquire execution vans “that can put to death convicted criminals immediately after sentencing”. The windowless execution chamber at the back contains a metal bed on which the prisoner is strapped down. Once the needle is attached by a technician, a police officer presses a button and an automatic syringe injects the lethal drug into the prisoner’s vein. The execution can be watched on a video monitor next to the driver’s seat and can be recorded if required.

    And I think barsquid’s point is that China is keeping their imprisoned-per-capita low through executions. Even if that’s incorrect, China does use execution more liberally than the U.S. And execution is evil.