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  • You are right Russia is likely to invade.

    However you just cannot seem to understand that NATO is also likely to invade Russia. NATO is not the good guys you want to have on your border if you are not inside of NATO.

    NATO will lie about WMD’s and make up any excuse to invade a country if they want to do so and 10 years later all the brainwashed kiddos here will still tell you that we were right to invade Iraq

    Just like Russia does imperialism we also do imperialism. In fact we do way more of it.

    There was a buffer zone between Russia and us which was Poland, Ukraine etc. Then we decided to expand NATO into that buffer zone in the last 20 years.

    Now we that the last countries in the buffer zone are about to join NATO, Russia decides they have nothing to lose by attacking Ukraine first before it joins NATO because we are not willing to leave any buffer zone