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  • Yes, but it’s a crappier legal process than Britain should be able to get away with. She’s a British citizen who was radicalized on British soil and now they’re just pawning off the problem they created onto someone else.

    e; like, fuck daesh to hell and back, they were one of the most evil intentioned organizations ever, but doing shit in an unequal and secretive way just writes propaganda for their sympathizers. The right way to deal with terrorists is to treat them like the organized crime they are - drag them into the court room, put on a full presentation of the evidence against them for an independent press to report on, give them a fair chance to defend their actions, and when they’re unable to do so throw them in a jail cell and treat them like the dangerous, evil, but ultimately human thing they are. Denying healthcare, torturing people, etc. does more to hurt the society that perpetrates it than it does to our enemies in the long run.

    e2; added the italicized bit