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  • After rereading they do mention they’re at a campground. I focused on the ‘dispersed camping spot’ phrase.

    The only conclusion I can come to is OP uses different camping terminology than I’m familiar with. For me ‘dispersed’ can have a broad range of meanings but always means ‘not at a campground’.

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    Am I crazy or is the weird thing actually where you drive to a national forest and “dispersed” camp in your car?

    In my mind dispersed camping is when you maybe drive to a trailhead but then actually camp after hiking several miles into the forest.

    If I saw a car parked in a parking lot I would not assume anyone was sleeping in it.

    Maybe it’s a regional thing?

  • The only places I’ve worked that were that strict were positions providing 24h coverage and you had to be there to do turnover between shifts (I’ve don’t both 8h and 12h). Thankfully those jobs have been a minority of my career.

    Mostly I’ve had broad flexibility where the company would declare “core hours” from say 10-3 and allow employees to flex 3 hours in either direction (anywhere from 7-3 to 10-6).

    7-5 is bullshit.